Top Ten Tuesday

Obviously today is Tuesday which means one thing…TOP TEN TUESDAY. Every week the Broke and the Bookish publish a different challenge every Tuesday and today’s is ‘Ten Books We’d Love to See as Movies/TV Shows’.

Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Sister, Rosamund Lupton
  2. Before We Met, Lucy Whitehouse
  3. Paradise Lost, Milton: I know, not a book, but I think this would be amazing as a modern TV series!
  4. 11.22.63, Stephen King
  5. The Husband’s Secret, Liane Moriarty
  6. The Carrier, Sophie Hannah
  7. Before I Go To Sleep, S.J.Watson. I know this one has been made into a film with Nicole Kidman, but I heard it really wasn’t that good, such a shame, considering the book was AMAZING. This definitely counts.
  8. On The Island, Tracy Garvis-Graves
  9. The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank. I can really see this as a TV series.
  10. Stolen, Lesley Pearce.

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