One Very Strange De-Stressing Technique for Adults – But Does It Work?!

Remember that feeling when you were a child? You’d just finished colouring in a picture of a cat that you’d been working on for half an hour. Your hand ached, but you didn’t go outside the lines once. You look at it, proud, excited, content. You couldn’t wait to show your mum what you had done!

Well, colouring isn’t just for children anymore. By simply searching for “Adult Colouring Books” into WHSmith’s website, a plethora of colouring books designed for adults appears, all of which have “anti-stress” or “art therapy” in the title. Apparently colouring in is the new de-stressing exercise for when we come home from work or university after a long day; definitely beats going for a walk or knitting!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.33.26

Johanna Basford published her colouring book The Secret Garden in 2013 and even she didn’t predict the reaction it would have. Since, she has sold over one million copies and the book has been translated into fourteen different languages; amazing!! Her second book, Enchanted Forest, came out February this year and has also been a huge success, selling out in many places. Johanna claimed that her book is

not only a colouring book, but also an inky treasure hunt. Hidden within are all kinds of creatures and curiosities to be sought. The book opens with a list of things to be found, throwing down the eye spy gauntlet. 63 beatles, 20 songbirds, 116 butterflies, 1 shark…   The pages are all black and white, naturally. Bare for you to either embellish in ebony ink or to flood with colour.


This one was published on her Twitter page (find her here) with the caption “Ahoy! There be pirates in this #LostOcean”

On April 20th, she tweeted, stating:

Colouring is less about the pursuit of protection, more about making your mark (so don’t worry if you go over the lines!)

Is it worth the investment or shall we stick to stroking cats for therapy?

Sarah x


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