She Woolf

My dissertation is on Virginia Woolf…and I’m really struggling with it!

Firstly, I cannot decide what I want to focus on. I’m really interested in her writing as autobiographical, especially in To the Lighthouse, the way she sets the novel in what was her favourite place as a child, Talland House. I’m also really interested in the contrast between the urban and the rural, the city and the country. Mrs Dalloway is based in the centre of London, a place that practically defines what it is to live in the city, whereas To the Lighthouse is based by the sea (obviously) in Skye, an island off Scotland. The use of water in To the Lighthouse is another interesting topic, but I’m not sure yet what it means or is supposed to symbolise. If there are any knowledgeable Woolf fans out there I’d LOVE to have some direction pointed out, or a book that might help in my dilemma.

Thanks in advance!!

Sarah x


6 thoughts on “She Woolf

  1. Hey 🙂 I know nothing about Virginia Woolf, but what sounds most interesting to me out of those aspects, and perhaps with the most room for discussion, is the use of her own personal experience of places that she uses in her books… Could there be more examples of that than just Talland House? You could compare other descriptions of the places that Woolf experienced herself and see if there are any differences in the way that these places are viewed by different people, how Woolf’s perception of a place and her experiences the way she writes?
    I don’t know, that just seems the most interesting to me 🙂 Good luck though, I don’t envy you having to write about Woolf…
    Hope you’re ok, we should get together for a coffee or something sometime soon 🙂 xxx


    1. There are more examples but she lived in Hyde Park Gate in London and absolutely hated it, Talland House was like their holiday home, and I love the way she portrays it in her literature but I need a more specific title than that! I hadn’t thought of looking at how other people described the same place, good idea!! Definitely need to meet up soon again though 🙂 xx

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