An August Book Haul

Just thought I’d keep you all updated with my latest purchases!

I love charity shop books, however…I have a small OCD issue about books that have creased spines/dog-eared pages/any kind of imperfection. So when I buy charity shop books, I will only buy books in amazing condition, so they’re like new. Weird I know. So these (below) are the books I found.


Sheila O’Flanagan, Stand By Me

Reason: I love Sheila O’Flanagan’s work. She’s Irish, and therefore funny, and her books are easy reading.

Jodi Picoult, The Pact

Reason: Again, I love Jodi Picoult but hadn’t heard of this novel, and it sounds kind of different from anything else she has written, especially considering it is a crime/thriller novel, and she usually writes about relationships and friendship.

Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

Reason: I saw the film before I realised it was a book, and now I really need to read it.

Margaret Forster, the Unknown Bridesmaid

Reason: I’d heard of Margaret Forster, because I have the Oxford Companion to English Literature, but I didn’t know she wrote fiction!!

Donna Tartt, The Little Friend

Reason: I saw the cover of this one and was intrigued by the blurb. It’s a mystery adventure story, following the consequences of the death of Harriet Cleve Dufresens’ nine year old brother.

This final book I’ve bought is a little strange to say the least. Since I began to write at the age of 3, or whatever age it is children begin to hold a pen, I’ve had a slightly odd pen grip. And when I say slightly odd, I mean totally bizarre.


I remember my teachers telling me off in Year 2, telling me to hold it properly. Well I clearly never listened and now this is the result. I find it hard writing fast in exams, difficult to keep up in lectures, my hand cramps up after about ten minutes because of the tension. Basically, there are no benefits to holding your pen like this. So I’m trying to change it by going back to basics. IMG_0251

I bought this workbook by Collins, which has various exercises in it, like what you used to do when you were little. It has the dotted lines in, and it’ll ask you to copy out the sentence. Remember the sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”? That sort of thing. It also has you copy each letter of the alphabet in the cursive handwriting style. I’m so determined, especially for going into my third year of uni, to learn to hold a pen properly after 17 years of doing it wrong.

So that’s what I’ve bought this month! I have a £20 book voucher that I still have to spend so I will need to do that at some point…maybe over the weekend. Once again, thanks for reading!

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “An August Book Haul

  1. Some great purchases, I loved memoires of a geisha. I hadn’t seen the film so decided to read the book first them watch the film. Wow as a teacher that grip makes me wonder. We are not allowed now to key children write like that. Good luck with changing your grip.


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