Moving Out, Moving In, Moving On

This weekend has literally been an ordeal. I’ve moved out – temporarily – of my house in Chester and moved into my student house in Liverpool. I did a car boot sale to save up some extra money for my trip to America in a week’s time. I went to a First Birthday party. I am exhausted.

Moving out actually went really well. We packed up the car which is always a drama; have I forgotten something, will it all fall out when the boot opens, what if I get crushed by my own things (which was a possibility if you take at look at the picture to the left). IMG_0312I was banished to the back seat, while my parents shotgunned the front, as per usual.

We arrived and one of my housemates had just arrived back from the shop with milk, perfect timing for a cup of tea. After a lot of cupboard shifting to make way for a multitude of pans, plates, glasses, utensils, I finally had unpacked all my kitchen ware. Next, the bedroom.

The bedroom’s a good size, at the front of the house. It was originally the living room, but since it’s become a student house, it has been converted to accommodate more students I suppose. Therefore….I have a fireplace. It literally makes me so happy. It’s a gas fire, and I’ve decorated it to make it look lovely and homely (as we women do).

IMG_0317The clock was a present from my Grandparents one Christmas and I absolutely love it. It looks perfect on the mantelpiece, and, because the door is opposite to it, it’s the first thing you see when you go in. Along with my plants, photo frames, and plenty of candles, the whole thing looks really good (at least I think so). I’m a bit scared of using the fire, especially because it doesn’t have a cover! So I’m thinking I might put some battery-powered fairy lights around the coals instead.

The one problem with the house is my bedroom door. You can actually see daylight through it. When I arrived, my housemates had bought some bunting with my name on it that goes on my bedroom door! Although it doesn’t hide the cracks, it helps make it look a bit nicer…


What do you think? I still thinks it looks like the door from The Shining. Almost expecting to see Jack Nicholson’s face appear in it. That’ll give me nightmares.

The car boot sale is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Me and my boyfriend Jay are going over to America in a week to see his Dad and family out there, so we wanted a bit of extra cash, and what better than a car boot?!?! We were up at 5.20am, a time I didn’t know existed unless you were getting up to catch an early flight. The car boot took place in the car park of the local hospital, and so we arrived there for 6am to start unpacking. A very unnerving situation! People shone their torches into the car, asking if we were selling technology like mobile phones or video games. My brand-new Ukulele got a LOT of interest, but I refused to sell it for less than £10, which eventually I got for it. All in all, we made £70. It was certainly an experience, and I would do it again, just maybe at a different venue, so that I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night.

A supremely busy weekend – I slept so well last night. I might do a “Top Ten Tips for a Good Car Boot Sale” post next!

Thanks for reading, as always 🙂

Sarah xxx


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