Review; Gobble Gruff


For those of you who remember, I reviewed ‘Snottydink’ a while ago, a children’s book that was created on the Apprentice (review here). I absolutely loved this book and so I was thrilled when Apprentice candidates, Elle Stevenson and Sam Curry, decided to make their own children’s book, almost a sequel to Snottydink.


Their new book, Gobble Gruff, is just as amazing. The story follows a town of Gruffs, the majority of which are small apart from Gobble Gruff who is big and can’t hide in the trees like the others do. He is separate from the rest of his clan, a bit of an outcast like Snottydink was.


Every year a winter games is held, but Gobble Gruff does not succeed in anything very well because of his size. However he doesn’t give up (this is the moral of the story) and persists. He wins the snowball fight, successfully swims across the lake and runs through a tree stump. Father Christmas shows up and decides to award Gobble Gruff as the winner because he “never gave up”.

As we have seen his work before, the illustrations by Dominic Trevett are brilliant and original. They are bright which is perfect for children and use onomatopoeic words such as ‘WHOOSH!’ and ‘SPLAT!’ which is also great for children as they can interact with the story.

The book is in stanzas split into four lines each of rhyming couplets. All of the rhymes fit: there are no half or false rhymes which would probably just confuse children. This book could easily become a family favourite and even a tradition at Christmas seeing as there are references to Father Christmas. Overall, an excellent story.




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