Bookish Presents for a Bookish Person

I always look forward to Christmas and birthday’s knowing some of my presents will be based on my favourite things: books! My family obviously knows me extremely well and I got a few book-based presents this year that I thought I’d share with you!

A Magnetic Bookmark


I’ve never actually owned one of these before but it’s so handy! No folding pages down or trying to remember page numbers anymore: this really is the future.



I LOVE making lists and so these are so ideal. They’re also little which means they’ll fit in a handbag and as you can see, one has come with a miniature pen. I have no excuse to forget things anymore.

Book Vouchers

Book vouchers are always a great present. I can be quite fussy with books and there’s usually about 5 that I want! With my voucher, I bought a fabulous copy of Jane Eyre and I’m in love with it!

Book Ends

Although I don’t have a shelf that requires bookends, I will do one day. This bookend is so unusual and I wouldn’t have bought it for myself but I love it!

Harry Potter entire collection

Harry Potter is one of my favourite books of all time. It was the first book I read at the age of five and has so many childhood meanings for me. I got this beautiful set of my parents that comes with a box.

I hope you all got what you wanted this Cheistmas, share your literature-based presents in the comments!

Sarah xx


4 thoughts on “Bookish Presents for a Bookish Person

  1. Those are great gifts 🙂 I really need a bookmark but it can be so hard to find the perfect one. Also, I wish my family would think of book vouchers, I don’t really like it when someone else buys me books, even if it’s a nice gesture.

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