New Adventures and *FREE* Editing Services

Hi guys!

So unfortunately, my blog has been put on the back burner as of late. I’ve had six university assignments and two presentations since January, and a dissertation and two exams still to go.

I’m reaching the end of my university journey, which is scary as I’ll be out in the world with no job and no idea of what I really want to do. However, it does mean I can get my blog up and running again. I’ll be re-writing some of my previous reviews to make them more academic and longer. I will also be reading books again that aren’t on the reading list o my uni degree (yay!) which means, hopefully, I’ll have tonnes of new reviews coming in.

I’m making this post to alert you all to my new website. I’m advertising myself as a freelance proofreader, editor and student essay writer. I’m offering all my services completely FREE starting in June and running for a limited time. Whilst this is a way for me to build up some well-needed clientele, there is also a small catch.

If you do want to take up my offer of editing or proofreading for free (and why wouldn’t you?), all I ask is that you write me a recommendation afterwards. Just a small paragraph of 100 words or so to describe your experience working with me.

I’m so excited, I already have three possible book edits lined up! So please, have a look at my website, and share the word about my free services!



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