My Story

Welcome to my blog!

I’m an avid reader, and an English Literature student at Liverpool Hope University. I’ve always had my head in a book, ever since I taught myself to read at the age of three. My parents said I would sit the other kids down in nursery and read to them! How embarrassing. I’ve always had at least three books on the go and won’t go anywhere without one to read. You know, just in case!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 21.35.21While studying English Literature, I occasionally come across a text or a poem and think, What have I just read? My first thought would be to search for a simple summary and analysis as a starting point, however, 20% of the time I wouldn’t be able to find one, anywhere. This really amazed me and so this blog was created as a way to help other students like me, who might search for context or analysis. I also began this blog as a way of sharing with others my love of books, my knowledge, and my opinions. I love finding other people who share the same interests as me, people I can share my ideas with. Occasionally, I write posts about my own life, maybe about a busy weekend, or a strange incident.

If there is a certain book you would like me to review, or any other article you’d be interested to hear my views on, see my ‘Contact Me’ page and send me an email! Thank you for reading, and for finding my blog.

Happy reading,



I’m attempting to gain some copy editor/proofreading experience, so if anyone has a self-published book they want me to look over for FREE, feel free to contact me.


11 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Sarah,
    First of all congratulation for creating this wonderful blog.
    Today, I visited your blog, read your some of the posts that simply made curious to know more about you and that’s how I am here.
    I wish, I should have a good friend like you, if interested please feel free to visit my blog,read my some of the most recent posts and if you feel I am worth of your friendship, please do not forget to leave your most precious comment on my most recent post.
    Remember, everything is optional.
    Wishing you all the best………………..


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